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          released: 10-13-99
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  1...What is nine inch nails?
  2...What does nine inch nails mean?
  3...What is the significance of the Halo numbers?
 >4...What nine inch nails albums are out there?  (DISCOGRAPHY)
  5...Is nine inch nails really only one person?
 >6...Trent Reznor's Stats
 >7...Danny Lohner's Stats
 >8...Charlie Clouser's Stats
 >9...Robin Finck's Stats
 *10..Jerome Dillon's Stats
  11..What equipment does nine inch nails use?
 >12..What is Trent whispering?
 >13..What is nin's connection to (Many different bands)?
  14..Who has covered NIN?
  15..What is 'nothing'?
  16..What is 'Le Pig'?
  17..Was Trent in a movie?
  18..What NIN songs have appeared in movies?
  19..What's the story with 'Natural Born Killers'?
  20..What bands was Trent in before NIN?
  21..What is this about a funeral home?
 >22..Little tidbits about NIN.
  23..How did the band get all muddy at Woodstock?
  24..I saw a Reznor heater somewhere...Is there a connection with Trent?
  25..Did NIN do the sound effects and soundtrack for the game Quake?
 >26..When and where has NIN toured?
  27..What's up with "Lost Highway" and "The Perfect Drug"?
 >28..What is Tapeworm?
 >29..Is Trent going to be working with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube?

B...Pretty Hate Machine / Down In It / Head Like a Hole / Sin
  1...What's with the extra lyrics that are printed, but not sung?
  2...What is _PHM_'s album cover a picture of?
  3...What's the difference between Euro and American _HLAH_ and _Sin_?
  4...What is that last track on the _HLAH_ single?
  5...Where are the samples at the beginning of "get down make love" from?

C...Broken / Fixed
  1...What's the differences between all the _Broken_s?
  2...What does 'warning: not for use with mono devices'in the liner notes mean?
  3...Are there any singles off of _Broken_?
  4...What does "no thanks: you know who you fucking are" mean in the credits?
  5...What does "barks and roars: maise" mean in the credits of _Broken_?
  6...Is _Fixed_ a limited edition? Why?
  7...What is the difference between the import and domestic _Fixed_?
  8...Who does the remixes on _Fixed_?
  9...What is that 'I could feel that way too' from?

D...The Downward Spiral / March of the Pigs / Closer
  1...Why did it take so long?
  2...What singles are there off of _TDS_?
  3...What is Trent whispering in "Mr Self Destruct"?

E...Further Down the Spiral
  1...What is _Further Down The Spiral_?
  2...Where are those hidden 'erase me's?
  3...What are the differences between Halo 10 and Halo 10v2?
  4...When was it released, and on what formats?
  5...What is that 'Falls wanking to the floor' from?

F..."The Perfect Drug" and "The Perfect Drug" Versions
 >1...What is "The Perfect Drug"?
  2...Why did I hear the song before it was officially released?
  3...Are 'The Perfect Drug' and 'The Beauty of the Drug' the same song?
  4...What is "The Perfect Drug" Versions?
  5...Who remixed the tracks?
  6...Is the vinyl promo for Halo Eleven different than the commercial one?

G...The Fragile / The Day The World Went Away / We're In  This Together
 *1...What's the differences between all The Fragile's?
 *2...What singles are off "The Fragile"?
 *3...What is that flower on the cover of the TDTWWA single?

  1...Was there a Halo 00?
  2...What is this plain-looking CD that claims to be Halo 10?
  3...Why is it getting so hard to find the domestic _Closer_?
 >4...What are the Fisted Box Set and the FTDS Box Set?

 >1...Ninformation about each officially released video
  2...The Broken Movie, Oh My God!
  3...How much of "Happiness in Slavery" is real?
  4...What was the original video for "March of the Pigs" like?
  5...Where was the video for "Hurt" recorded?
  6...Why wasn't there ever a video for "Piggy"?
 >7...What is Closure?
 >8...What is on Closure Tape 1 (live performances)?
 >9...What is on Closure Tape 2 (compilation of videos)?

J...THE IMPORTS (bootlegs)
  1...What is an import (bootleg)?
 >2...What imports are worth buying?
 >3...Which imports should i stay away from?
 >4...Where can i go for more information about bootlegs?

 >1..What is the 'ninternet'?
 >2..Are the members of the band online?
 >3..Is 'Reznor's Edge' really Trent's homepage?
 >4..Where can I find out more information about alt.music.nin?
  5..What is Nincon?

 >1...Who wrote the FAQ?
  2...What's all this 'official source of unofficial information' stuff?
 >3...Where can I get the newest version of the FAQ?
 >4...What's new with the FAQ?
 >5...The FAQ in other languages
 >7...Who helped out?
  8...Legal Stuff  (Including *Distribution Information*)

KEY=  * = New since last release  > = Updated since last release

==========[ SECTION A - GENERAL NINFORMATION ]==================

A:1 "What is nine inch nails?"

 Nine Inch Nails, often abbreviated as NIN, is the mind-child of Trent Reznor,
 an extremely talented musician who has helped to shape the sound of modern
 music. Since his 1989 debut _Pretty Hate Machine_, NIN has been recognized as
 one of the leaders of the electronic music movement, spawning many bands that
 have tried to duplicate their sound, but have never really matched it. Known
 for his innovation and unique style, Trent Reznor has received such accolade
 as one of the "25 Most Influential People in America" from Time Magazine and
 the "Most Vital Artist in Music Today" from Spin Magazine.

 Most nine inch nails music until now has been described as "industrial",
 "rock", "electronic", "synthpop", "metal" or any combination of those terms.
 It is probably just safer to say that NIN has had a very unique sound that
 uses different elements from all sorts of different genres of music. But
 perhaps one of the most interesting qualities of nine inch nails is that with
 every release, the music is re-invented.  There are similarities amongst all
 of his work, but they are definitely not just continuations of the albums or
 projects that came before.

A:2 "What does nine inch nails mean?"

 In the words of Trent:

   "I don't know if you've ever tried to think of band names, but usually
 you think you have a great one and you look at it the next day and it's
 stupid. I had about 200 of those. nine inch nails lasted the two-week
 test, looked great in print, and could be abbreviated easily. It really
 doesn't have any literal meaning. It seemed kind of frightening. [In his
 best he-man voice] Tough and manly! It's a curse trying to come up with
 band names."

A:3 "What is the significance of the Halo numbers?"

 The Halo numbers appear on every official NIN release, except for a few
 promos. They serve as a cataloguing system to keep the CDs in order.

A:4 "What Nine Inch Nails albums are out there? (DISCOGRAPHY)"

 Here is a short halo list.  Each album is also described in detail in their
 individual sections.

 For the best, most complete NIN discography, e-mail Jay Debard
 at webmaster@burningsouls.com, or visit the HTML version at

 ??.??.89    Halo 1 : Down In It (single) *
 11.29.89    Halo 2 : Pretty Hate Machine
 01.01.90    Halo 3 : Head Like a Hole (single) $
 11.27.90    Halo 4 : Sin (single) #
 09.16.92    Halo 5 : Broken (EP) !
 ??.??.92    Halo 6 : Fixed (EP)
 03.01.94    Halo 7 : March of the Pigs (single) &%
 03.08.94    Halo 8 : The Downward Spiral @
 05.30.94    Halo 9 : Closer to God (single) &^
 05.30.95 Halo 10v1 : Further Down the Spiral [American Version]
 05.30.95 Halo 10v2 : Further Down the Spiral [UK Version]
 05.13.97   Halo 11 : "The Perfect Drug" Versions
 11.25.97   Halo 12 : Closure (2 video box set)
 07.20.99   Halo 13 : The Day the World Went Away (single)+
 09.21.99   Halo 14 : The Fragile ~

 * The remixes on this were re-released on halo 3
 # Contains cover of Queen's "Get Down Make Love"
 ! Available as the following:
                1) Regular 5" w/ bonus tracks on 3" minidisk
                2) Regular 5" w/ bonus tracks as tracks 6 & 7
                3) Regular 5" w/ bonus tracks as tracks 98 & 99
                4) Cassette w/ bonus tracks at end of side 2
                5) 12" vinyl w/ bonus tracks on white label 7"
                6) 12" vinyl w/ bonus tracks on b side
 & Available as 2-disc sets in UK
 ^ Contains cover of Soft Cell's "Memorabilia"
 $ A Halo-less version of HLaH (3 tracks) is available in UK
 % Also available on limited edition 9" vinyl
 @ Japanese release contained 'Dead Souls' as track 15
 + Vinyl version contains (Porter Ricks) remix of TDTWWA
 ~ Available as the following:
              1) Double CD
              2) Double Cassete (Contains "(+appendage) added to "please")
              3) Triple Vinyl (Contains 2 added songs: "10 miles high" &
                               "the new flesh" + full unedited versions
                               of all songs)

 In addition to these are the promos for "Piggy" and "Hurt". Although these
 aren't official releases, they do have 'halo ten' on them. See section G:2.

A:5 "Is nine inch nails really only one person?"

 Every nine inch nails album to date has been the work of Trent Reznor and
 his assistants. Trent incorporates the help of other artists (see album
 credits for listing) but has always had total control over his albums.

 Live NIN is an entirely different matter. For the first Lollapalooza
 tour, Trent supported himself with a very real band, including the late
 Jeff Ward from Lard on drums, Chris Vrenna on drums, Richard Patrick on
 guitar, and James Woolley on keyboard. Woolley also toured with the live
 band during the Self Destruct and Further Down the Spiral tours. The live
 NIN lineup changes a lot. At one point it included Martin Atkins; at
 another point, in the early days of the band in Cleveland, apparently it
 was just Trent, Richard Patrick, and Chris Vrenna.  Also, a fellow by the
 name of Lee Mars played live keyboards for a while.

 As of September 1999, the NIN lineup appears to be Trent Reznor, Charlie
 Clouser, and Danny Lohner, Robin Finck and Jerome Dillon.

A:6 "Trent Reznor's Stats"

  MUCH MORE than you've ever needed to know about Trent Reznor

  Full Name  : Michael Trent Reznor
  Birthdate  : May 17, 1965, at 7:30 a.m. EDST
  Address    : Louisiana U.S.A.
  Height     : About 5'6" or 5'7"
  Eye Color  : Hazel
  Hair Color : Dark brown, dyed jet black every six weeks
  Status     : Single
  Pets       : Female Golden Labrador Retriever 'Emmy Lou'
               Female Weimariner 'Daisy'
  Hometown   : Mercer, Pennsylvania U.S.A.
  Religion   : Brought up Protestant
  Fav. Color : Green
  Tattoos    : None
  Education  : 1 year at Allegheny College
  Majors     : Computer Engineering & Music
  Piercing   : Ears and for about a year he had his septum pierced
                   but it 'was a nightmare when I had a cold'

  Parents    : Nancy Clark (Homemaker)
                   Mike Reznor (Interior Designer/Amateur Bluegrass Musician)
  Sister     : Tera (Born: @1971, Mother of 2)

 Quick over-detailed overview of childhood:

    When Trent's parents divorced in the early 1970s, Trent stayed with
 his maternal Grandparents (who raised him) and Tera stayed with her mother.
 As a child, Trent was in the Boy Scouts, skateboarded, built model planes,
 and played the piano (according to his grandfather). Trent's piano teacher
 (Rita Beglin) compared Trent's piano playing to Harry Connick Jr. In high
 school Trent was clean cut, handsome and popular. He played the tenor sax
 and keyboards in his high school jazz and marching bands. He was also voted
 best in drama by classmates and performed in local rock bands.

   No, he was not abused as a child, and has never claimed to be (even
 though it seems to be the fashionable thing to do among people these days).

A:7 "Danny Lohner's Stats"

 Name         : Danny Lohner
 Age          : 27
 Hometown     : Corpus Christi, Texas
 High School  : Wheeler High
 College      : University of Texas, Austin    Withdrew in Fall 1993
 Past Bands   : Skrew
 Instruments  : Bass, guitar, and keyboard

A:8 "Charlie Clouser's Stats"

 Name         : Charlie Clouser
 Age          : 35
 Hometown     : Middletown, Pennsylvania
 College      : Hampshire College
 Instruments  : Keyboard, Drums
 Has worked w/: White Zombie, Prong, Marilyn Manson, others.

A:9 "Robin Finck's Stats"

 Name         : Robin Finck
 Birthdate    : Nov. 7th, 1971
 Hair         : Black
 Instruments  : Plays guitars, and some keyboard
 Has worked w/: Guns-n-Roses for 2 years
 Previous Band: A drag-queen act called the Impotent Sea Snakes;
                he was a performance artist who ripped up bean bags, painted
                on stage, and chainsawed stuff while the band was playing.
                Cirque Du Soleil.

A:10 "Jerome Dillon's Stats"

 Name         : Jerome Dillon
 Age          :
 College      : Art School
 Instruments  : Drums
 Previous Band: Howlin' Maggie, Nevermor

A:11 "What equipment does nine inch nails use?"

 *Note*  This is a list of equipment used during the recording of TDS.

 According to Sean Beavan (NIN engineer extraordinaire): (and I quote)

 "Here's a brief studio equipment list:

   tracking console- amek mozart 56 input automated desk
                                    (with rupert neve modules)

   We mix mostly on ssl series g consoles (72 input and up)
   and remix on neve vr desks.

   Tape machines- 2 studer a 800 mk3's, (3 da88's for live shows)

 outboard gear;
 neve and ssl stereo compressors
 neve mic pre's
 pultek eqs
 focusrite eqs
 summit eqs
 la 2a compressors
 urie 11 76 compressors
 urie la 3a compressors
 eventide h3500
 eventide h3000
 lexicon 300
 zoom 9030, and 9050's
 assorted delays

 1mac quadra 950, 1 mac 2ci
 barracuda and pro tools harddrives.
 we have three optical drives which store our akai samples
 2 akai 1100s
 2 akai exs
 2 kurzweil k2000s
 1 emu e4 (courtesy of emu it's great btw.)
 3 minimoogs
 2 prophet vs
 1 oberhiem expander
 1 ppg wave with waveterm
 1 arp oddessy
 1 doepfer analog sequencer
 1 oberhiem analog sequencer
 1 ob mx
 1 roland mks 80
 1 roland r70
 marshall jmp 1
 assorted gtr pedals and cheap drum machines"

A:12 "What is Trent whispering?"

 - In "Sanctified", during the instrumental preceding the final verse, you
 will hear a very quiet voice in the background. It is a sample from Oliver
 Stone's 'Midnight Express', one of Trent's favorite movies.  The sample is
 of the main character writing a letter:

  "Dear Mom and Dad, this is the hardest letter I've ever had to write. I'd
 hoped somehow to get out of this quickly so that you'd never have to know
 about it, but that just isn't possible now.  I don't know what's going to
 happen, but what can I say to you?  Will 'I'm sorry' make a difference?
 Will it ease the pain? The shame you must be feeling? Forgive me. Please."

 - Also, as far as whispering goes, about 30 seconds into "Physical", Trent
 whispers something. Most people seem to agree that he is whispering "Eat
 your heart out, Steve" in reference to Steve Gottlieb, TVT's manager/owner.
 This is whispered on this particular song because it is a cover and a hidden
 track, and evidently, they had to go through a bunch of copyright bullshit
 to be able to release it. (It is well known that Trent and Steve have had
 their disputes over copyright laws and over who's in charge.)

 Note: The Adam Ant version of "Physical" also has whispering, most
       notable at the beginning he says "Eat Your Heart Out, Do-It. You can't
       do it, can ya?". Adam Ant was referring to Do-It Records, a label they
       were on.

 - In "Mr Self Destruct" Trent is in fact whispering "I am an exit".

A:13 "What is nin's connection to..."

a. "...the Revolting Cocks?"

 Trent is listed as an "Additional Cock" on the inside of the Revolting
 Cocks (Al, Paul, and Bill from Ministry, with friends) CD-single for
 _Beers Steers And Queers_. Trent is also listed in _Linger Ficken' Good_
 under the thanks list (T.R.).  Trent toured with RevCo, taking the spot
 vacated by Ogre.
  On an extra note: If you ever look at any press photos from about the time
of the Beers Steers and Queers tour, you'll see Trent in with the band. The
only difference? His face is the one that is blurred out.


b. "...Stabbing Westward?"

 Chris Vrenna, former NIN drummer, went on tour with them a while back.
 Also, Trent and Andy Kubiszewski, the current drummer and songwriter for
 Stabbing Westward, worked together when they were in The Exotic Birds.
 Andy also contributed to TDS, playing drums on the title track.


c. "...Filter?"

 Richard Patrick was Trent very good friend during the Pretty Hate Machine
 Tour, and the guitar player for the live show. Many rumors are floating
 around about just why Richard left the group, but he now fronts up the
 band Filter. About whether Richard is ever going to come back to NIN,
 In Spin Magazine (Feb. 1996) Trent is quoted as saying "...there's been a
 drunken phone call to me to say hello. And then asking an ex-girlfriend of
 mine out on a date. Those guys. In their minds, they're stars."

 As of late, though, it seems that there has been somewhat of a reconciliation
 between the two parties.  Here is what Brian Liesgang, formerly of Filter,
 had to say about the situation, and "a night of nothing" in New York, as
 quoted from Addicted To Noise Magazine (http://www.addict.com):

 "We still have mutual friends in NIN. I ran into Trent a few months ago and
 we hung and it was cool. We ran into some friends and they told us about
 this secret show and invited us to come by and we just did the same old
 thing. Trent and Rich and I all have a penchant for Budweiser and tequila,
 so we just sat there and drank a while, then Rich said, 'Hey, I want to play
 "Head Like a Hole" again,' and Trent said, 'Okay.' Simple as that. It wasn't
 any big deal. I thought it was cool. Trent came over to him and said, 'Smash
 the fucker.' And he dutifully did it..."


d. "...Die Warzau?"

 Chris Vrenna and James Woolley (former keyboardist) used to participate in
 some fashion in the Chicago-based band Die Warzau. Die Warzau is now no
 more, due to Jim and Van's decision to call it quits when they realized they
 didn't get along all that well. Or was it something about their "record label"
 TVT(Tee Vee Toons) sucking shit and  making a living out of fucking over bands?

 They also opened for NIN quite a few times during the first two big tours.

 And for those keeping track of Woolley Bear, he and Van have been working
 together in a band called Mescaline.


e. "...Tori Amos?"

 Trent sang backup vocals in Tori Amos' "Past The Mission" on her _Under the
 Pink_ CD. However, he does not appear in the video. Another note: even
 though she mentions 'nine inch nails' on _Little Earthquakes_, this is not
 where Trent got the name for his band. nine inch nails was already in full
 effect when this CD came out.

 Also, the phrase "...made my own pretty hate machine..." is in the lyrics
 for the song "Caught a Light Sneeze" on her new album _Boys For Pele_.


f. "...David Bowie?"

 David Bowie's late 70's recordings greatly influenced Trent, especially
 during the recording of TDS. David Bowie was sampled for some nine inch
 nails songs including the re-mixes of  "mr self destruct" (See section
 E:5). Trent remixed the song "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" on Bowie's
 album _Outside_, and also took NIN on the road with him on his _Outside_

 More recently, Trent put together five remixes of the track "I'm Afraid of
 Americans" from Bowie's _Earthling_ album.  Trent sings backup vocals on one
 of the tracks, and has Ice Cube (see section A:28) rap on another.


g. "...Ministry?"

  Trent and Al Jourgenson both remixed "get down make love" (see section B:6)
 for the _sin_ single. Trent and Al were also both in RevCo at the same time
 (see section A:10a). Trent and Al were also both part of 1,000 Homo DJs
 (See section A:10i).


h. "...Guns n' Roses?"

 Trent and Co. opened for GnR shortly after the Lollapalooza tour.

 Here is what he had to say about that, quoted from Musician:

    " ... Axl Rose made contact with us. He was a fan, and wanted to
  help out. We were going to Europe to do a tour and figured what better
  way to confuse people then to open for Gn'R? Se we did, and the audience
  hated us. We were terrified to start with, and then were talking onstage
  in front of 65,000 people in Germany. The first song goes okay. Second
  song people begin to realize we're not Skid Row, who came on after us.
  Third song they'd confirmed the fact that they've heard a synthesizer
  and its time to attack. There's something about the sight of every
  single person flipping you off in a giant stadium that makes you go
  numb. I started laughing, then insulted them with everything I could
  think of ... "


i. "...1,000 Homo DJs?"

  Trent and Al Jourgenson did a cover of Black Sabbath's "supernaut" for
 1,000 Homo DJs. But thanks to TVT, Al Jourgenson was forced to take out
 Trent's vocals (It was later revealed that Al never did in fact re-sing
 "supernaut" for the official 1kHD release, but he just played with Trent's
 vocals and told TVT he re-sang it). The original version can be found on
 Wax Trax's _Black Box_ 3-disc compilation.


j. "...Pigface?"

  Pigface, the mind-child of drummer and producer Martin Atkins, is
 typically dubbed an 'Industrial Super-group' because of its continual
 rotating roster of musicians.  Trent became involved in the band's first
 incarnation on the album _Gub_ to create and sing the original version of
 the song "Suck" and is also credited with loops on "The Bushmaster".
 Trent and Chris Vrenna toured with Pigface for a while on the "Welcome
 To Mexico...Asshole" Tour, and Trent can also be seen on Pigface's
 _Glitch_ video singing "Suck" with Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy.  There
 were some rumors of personal turmoil between Pigface and Trent
 surrounding Trent's departure from the band, but Atkins claims that
 their relationship is "very good. Just like any friendship."


k. "...Curve?"

 Trent and Flood remixed track 1, "Missing Link", on the
  _BlackerThreeTrackerTwo_ EP.


l. "...Puff Daddy?"

 Trent remixed "Victory" on the "Victory" EP. Trent also fought
 Puff Daddy in Claymation on MTV's Celebrity DeathMatch


m. "...Aphex Twin?"

 Aphex Twin appears on halo 10, _Further_Down_The_Spiral_
 In the liner notes it is listed:
   7. at the heart of it all -created by aphex twin

n. "...Megadeth?"

 Trent did a mix of "Symphony of Destruction" (The Gristle Mix) 9:50
 This can be found on the _Foreclosure_of_a_Dream_ import single from Holland.
 According to the liner notes: *Re-produced by Trent Reznor; Deconstruction
 team: Sean Beavan, Chris Vrenna.

A:14 "Who has covered NIN?"

 Not that many bands have yet, but the ones that have done, well, interesting
 things with the songs.
     Band                         Song                  Album
     Trixter (yes, Trixter)    "Terrible Lie"
     Devo                      "Head Like a Hole"     "Supercop soundtrack"
     nine inch richards        "Closer" (parody)      "Closer to Hogs"
     bee zoo                   "Wish"                 "Boobalah"

   - Weird Al Yankovik covered a short part of "Closer" for his
            song  "Alternative Polka".
            Has a parody song that resembles Closer and Bowie's
            "I'm afraid of americans" called "Germs" from the
            album "Running with Scissors"
   - Maxwell has sang parts of "Closer" in one of his song,
   - Ice Cube sampled "Hurt" for a track on the song
   - The band Tea Party supposedly has covered "Hurt" at some of their
     live gigs.

A:15 "What is 'nothing'?"

 Located in the Tremont area of Cleveland, Ohio, 'nothing' is Trent
 Reznor's record label. With this label, Trent has given many otherwise
 obscure bands the notoriety they deserved. Trent treats the bands on
 the label with the same respect with which he himself would want to be
 treated. According to Marilyn Manson, "Trent gives us full artistic
 freedom, the kind of freedom no other label would even consider giving a
 band." Sooner or later Trent wants to stop, and just produce. "There's
 going to be a point where.. I can't do both things (production and NIN).
 I can't do it. I tried. So at some point I would like to focus on
 production, which I would really like to do more of, but nine inch nails
 eats up every second of my life."

 The current list of bands on nothing are: (In alphabetical order)

 The Bowling Green
 Einsturzende Neubauten
 Marilyn Manson
 Meat Beat Manifesto
 nine inch nails
 Pop Will Eat Itself
 12 Rounds
 The The

A:16 "What is 'Le Pig'?" ***

 Le Pig was Trent's house / recording studio for the making of _The Downward
 Spiral_. Trent says that at the time he rented it, he did not know that
 this was the same house in which the Manson murders occurred.  On a side
 note, Marilyn Manson recorded a few tracks off their album _Portrait of an
 American Family_ in that house with Trent. It was "something they had wanted
 to do for a long time."

 The video for "Gave Up" that appeared on the second tape of _Closure_
 was also filmed at this studio.  See section G for more info.

A:17 "Was Trent in a movie?"

 In the 1987 movie 'Light of Day', Trent appears with a band called The
 Problems, most likely created for the movie. They did a cover of the
 Buddy Holly song, "True Love Ways". Yes, that's him playing the tilted
 keyboard on the left(you can see him for a few seconds when they show
 Joan Jett at the table) and then again later that's him with the drink
 taking down the set.(This scene occurs about 1 hour and 17 minutes into
 the movie.)"True Love Ways" does not appear on the 'Light of Day' Soundtrack.

 And well, no, that was not him in 'The Crow' crowd surfing to My Life With
 The Thrill Kill Kult.

A:18 "What NIN songs have appeared in movies?"

Confirmed Uses...

 An edit of the _Fixed_ remix of "Gave Up" appeared at the beginning of
 'Young Americans'.

 "Burn", "A Warm Place" and an extended "Something I Can Never Have" were
  in 'Natural Born Killers' (Trent also put together the whole movie's
  soundtrack, see section A:17).

 "Head Like a Hole" was in a movie called 'Prayer of the Roller Boys'.

 "Dead Souls", a cover of the Joy Division song by the same name, is featured
 in 'The Crow' movie and on the soundtrack.

 "Head Like a Hole" was also in the movie 'Class of 1999 ]['

 "Closer (precursor)", a remix of "Closer" which appears on Halo 9, is
  featured during the opening credits of the movie 'Seven'.

 "Closer to God", "Closer (internal)", "The Art of Self Destruction
  part I", and possibly another mix of either song appear in the movie
  'The Fan'.

 "Heresy" appeared in 'The Doom Generation'

 "The Perfect Drug", and two tracks credited only to Trent Reznor, titled
 "Videodrones; Questions" and "Driver Down", appear in David Lynch's
 'Lost Highway'.  Trent produced the entire soundtrack, as well.

A:19 "What's the story with 'Natural Born Killers'?"

 When shown an edit of Oliver Stone's 'Natural Born Killers', Trent
 decided to produce the soundtrack. To do this Trent sampled over 80
 songs and made a very diverse soundtrack that included 3 NIN tracks,
 "Something I Can Never Have", "A Warm Place" And "Burn".

 And in the summer of 1996, "Natural Born Killers" Director's Cut was
 released, including over an hour of never before seen, unedited footage.
 The video for "Burn" is also included in this two-tape set.

A:20 "What bands were Trent in before nine inch nails?"

 This info comes straight from Alex Fletcher's nine inch nails discography,

 Trent was in the following bands, previous to the creation of Nine Inch
 Nails (in probable order):

        Option 30 (a band back in Mercer, PA)

        The Urge (called a cover band, which implies they covered other

        The Innocents (One record called Living On The St. was released.
        This was his first Cleveland band)

        Slam Bam Boo (Trent did Keyboards, Programming and, backing vocals)

        Hanson: The Movie (Trent did Keyboards, Programming, and

        Lucky Pierre (this was Kevin McMahon's band, the guy behind Prick.
        Trent played keyboards, live only, during the 84-85 period.
        He also appeared on the 1988 Communique EP.

        The Exotic Birds

        "The Problems" from the movie "The Light of Day" was Michael J.
        Fox and Joan Jett's rival band and was composed of Trent Reznor
        (on keyboards), Frank Vale (from the Exotic Birds), and Mark
        Addison (from the Nation Of One)

A:21 "What is this about a funeral home?"

 The funeral home is now the location of Nothing Studios.  When Trent moved
 down to New Orleans, he bought the home so that he could have a permanent
 place for himself and those on his label (as well as others) to record.  So
 far, Marilyn Manson, Pantera, Coil and others have used it for their albums.
 Also, NIN recorded the Quake soundtrack there.

A:22 "Little tidbits about NIN"

  Here are a few little interesting facts about NIN:
  If you have any other little tibbits to add in here, please email the authors!

  - *EVERY* NIN show (on the spiral tours) was taped and filmed

  - There is a heater company called 'Reznor Heaters'.. The company's
    founders are Trent's ancestors.  See section A:23 for more info.

  - A parody band, Nine Inch Richards, did a song called "Closer to Hogs"
    which is a parody of NIN's "Closer".  Nine Inch Richards is in no way
    related to NIN. And they are, in fact, quite lame.

  - That is Richard Patrick's brother, Robert, playing the T-1000 on
    Terminator ][

A:23 "How did the band get all muddy at Woodstock?"

 According to Trent (Quoted from Rip magazine):

    "We were right out by the big mud pit and watchin' everybody, I thought,
 'well, this looks like a lot of fun.'  At that time there wasn't that many
 people that were muddy, but the people that *were* in the mud looked like
 they were having a great time and we thought 'fuck, y'know, we kinda can't
 actually do that.'  But we didn't have showers backstage at that time
 either, so we went back and hung out backstage, and it was just a real
 nervous day.  Then on the way to the stage I pushed Danny [Lohner], our
 guitar player, and he just fell face-first into the mud.  Then he tackled
 me and it turned into a kind of all-male mud wrestling thing.  It was
 actually really funny.  After we did that, all nervousness kind of

A:24 "I saw a Reznor heater somewhere...Is there a connection with Trent?"

 Robin Colleen Moore replies:

 "As a matter of fact, there *is* a connection!  The Reznor company was
 founded in 1888 in (you guessed it!) Mercer, PA by one George Reznor,
 an ancestor of Trent's.  (We don't know the specifics of the relationship,
 but we think it's his great- or great-great grandfather...)  In addition to
 starting the company, George also invented the original Reznor gas
 heater, which was one of the first heaters designed for domestic use.
 To quote the company brochure:

 "Reznor was founded in 1888 to manufacture the 'Reznor' reflective heater,
 which utilized a luminous flame gas burner developed by George Reznor.
 This technological breakthrough was an immediate success and
 hastened the expansion of gas heating in residential and commercial
 applications.  Technological development and innovation have been the
 hallmark of Reznor through the years."

 (In other words, if not for Trent's family, we'd all be sitting around
 freezing our butts off and listening to (your choice of lousy band or
 musician here)...so think of them whenever you're snuggled up in your nice
 toasty home listening to music while it's freezing cold outside!)

 The Reznor family apparently sold the business to an outside company
 around World War II (it's currently owned by ITT/Thomas & Betts), but
 it's still in business today, cranking out various types of heaters and
 central heating & cooling units, in addition to being the single largest
 employer in Mercer.  (According to the regional representative's
 secretary, the biggest Reznor customers in Georgia are schools and
 prisons; the company doesn't really do small-scale domestic heating
 any more, but a few homes do still have Reznor systems.)  The most
 common places to run into Reznors are restaurants, small stores
 and boutiques, garages, barns, nightclubs and bars, especially
 if they're located in an older building or a warehouse-type setting.
 Most of the heaters you'll see are small-to-medium sized ceiling-
 mounted, gas-powered units w/a fan in the back, and tend to
 come in 2 basic styles: (1) silver-toned metal with "REZNOR"
 in raised letters on the front; and (2) painted metal with a small plaque
 (or "ratings plate") that says "REZNOR/Mercer, Pennsylvania" bolted
 onto either the lower front corner or on the side.

 Apparently a Reznor heater plays a prominent role in the Sean Connery/
 Nicolas Cage movie _The Rock_, falling on and squishing one of the
 actors (I haven't seen it myself, so I can't say for sure; this is what I
 was told).  Anyone knowing of any other mass media Reznor sightings
 should please contact either the writers of this FAQ or yours truly at
 robin@mindspring.com, for inclusion in updated versions of the FAQ."

A:25 "Did NIN do the sound effects and soundtrack for the game Quake?"

 Yup. And you can hear the songs if you play your CD in a regular
 CD player; just be sure to skip track #1. Even the demo version has the
 tracks, so go to your local computer store and pick one up.  The music is
 all instrumental (save a few faint whispers and the like) and is very dark
 and ambient.  It goes along with the game quite nicely.

A:26 "When and where has NIN toured?"

 I'm not even going to try to list off all the places that they have played,
 but luckily someone has.  Check out:


 for a very detailed list of where the tours and live shows were played, and
 when they happened.  It is definitely the best compilation of NIN tour info
 on the Internet.

A:27 "What's up with 'Lost Highway' and 'The Perfect Drug'?"

 Trent put together the soundtrack for Twin Peaks creator David Lynch's
 movie, Lost Highway.  On it is the movie's score by Angelo Badalamenti,
 as well as two Marilyn Manson tracks ("Apple of Sodom" and "I Put A Spell
 On You"), songs from David Bowie and Lou Reed, new Smashing Pumpkins, and
 NIN's "the perfect drug", plus two tracks credited to Reznor only
 ("Videodrones; Questions", and "Driver Down").  The soundtrack was released
 on February 18th, 1997.

 For more info on "the perfect drug" and the remix EP, see section F.

A:28 "What is Tapeworm?"

 Tapeworm is a side project of NIN members Danny Lohner, Charlie Clouser,
 and Trent Reznor.  Sean Beavan, NIN's sound engineer, is supposed to be
 working with them, too.  From what I understand, artists such as Rob Zombie,
 Tommy Victor of Prong, Page Hamilton of Helmet , Richard Patrick of Filter,
 and others will be invited to take part in the festivities.

 Here's what Trent told Raygun about the project:

    "...the idea behind it was - a couple of members of my band, Danny Lohner
 and Charlie Clouser - it started as kind of a dumping ground for ideas they
 might have that weren't right for nine inch nails, and it's kind of evolved
 into having its own identity where tentatively I'm more the singer/producer
 and they're wiring the music.  It's more of a collaborative thing..."

    "...I want those guys to contribute things and once in a while I'll come
 up with something that I think is cool, but it's not the giant leap. Like, if
 I think the nine inch nails record has to be all dobro and Jew's harp, then
 it has to be that.  But maybe I'll write a cool fuckin' riff that isn't
 right for whatever new artistic plateau I'm hoping for nine inch nails, and
 if I establish this other ground as a place to relax and have fun and maybe
 make even better music, that's what Tapeworm initially was."

 He also goes on to state that some of the Tapeworm stuff may end up being
 NIN stuff, but right now is thinking of NIN as "something that comes more
 out of me directly."

A:29 "Is Trent going to be working with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube?"

 Actually, the Ice Cube collaboration has already happened, and that's
 not to say that more will not happen in the future, either.  Cube rapped on a
 remix of David Bowie's "I'm Afraid of Americans" that Trent did recently.
 Dr. Dre did some mixing assistance on "The Fragile", specifically on the song
 "Even Deeper"

 It appears that while Dr. Dre and Trent have collaborated, Trent will not
 show up on Dr. Dre's new album.

 Trent's comments from the February 1997 issue of Raygun:

   "...Dre's a fucking genius.  Rick Rubin and I met him in the valley like
   two weeks ago. he's expressed interest in working with me in some capacity
   and, like, the same day Ice Cube sent me a fax saying, "I want to work
   with you," and Ice Cube, I think, is the best rapper I've ever heard

 He also explains that it will not just be a remixing situation, or just him
 singing on a Dre track, or Ice Cube singing on one of Trent's.  It appears
 that they are going to go for some real ground-breaking material with the
 collaboration and try to "*change music*."

 Even before this article, there was a connection between Trent and Ice Cube.
 On Cube's new band Westside Connection's new CD "bow down", "hurt" is sampled
 on the track "The Gangsta, The Killer, and The Dope Dealer."

 Stay tuned for more as we get it...

===[ SECTION B - Pretty Hate Machine / Down In It /Head Like a Hole / Sin]====

B:1 "What's with the extra lyrics that are printed, but not sung?"

 According to Trent:

    "There were some lyrics that I had written that I couldn't fit into
  the songs as I was combining lyrics with music. I included them because
  I like them and also because they could be discovered by the person that
  took the time to read the lyrics."

  Some of these lyrics were used in the original version of "Ringfinger"
  called "Twist". See section I:2 for more info.

B:2 "What is _PHM_'s album cover a picture of?"

 Once again, I quote from Trent:

   "The cover of _PHM_ is a photo of the blades of some sort of turbine
 stretched vertically so they would look somewhat like bones or a ribcage."

B:3 "What's the difference between Euro and American _HLAH_ and _Sin_?"

   The American release of _HLAH_ has 4 mixes of the song (slate, clay,
 copper, and soil) as well as instrumental "You Know Who You Are", 3
 versions of "Down In It" (shred, singe, and demo), and 2 mixes of
 "Terrible Lie" (sympathetic and empathetic). The UK release only has
 3 tracks: the slate and copper mixes, and one that didn't make it to
 the American release: the Opal mix. The UK version of _Sin_ comes in
 a black, instead of red, case, but the tracks are the same (they're
 in a different order, however).

B:4 "What is that last track on the _HLAH_ single?"

 Track 11 on Halo 3 (the woman yelling "Let's hear it for nine inch nails --
 woo they're GOOD!") was from a nin appearance on Dance Party USA. Apparently
 the yelling woman was the show's host.

B:5 "Where are the samples at the beginning of "get down make love" from?"

 And again, Sean Beavan:

  "I think the sample at the beginning of 'get down make love' is from an old
 viacom cable access show called 'Video Psychotherapy'...  That sample along
 with the Japanese porno samples were added in Chicago with Al Jourgenson.
 I did only the basic track recordings in Cleveland. Those samples were
 added during the mix."

=================[ SECTION C - Broken / Fixed ]============================

C:1 "What's the difference between all the _Broken_s?"

  Well, _Broken_ was released in many formats:

a. As the 5" CD with the six named tracks, enclosed with a smaller,
   3" CD with the bonus tracks.

b. As the 5" CD with tracks 1-6 as the normal songs, tracks 7-97
   each one second long and blank, tracks 98-99 as the bonus tracks.

c. As the 5" CD with tracks 1-6 as the normal songs and tracks 7 and
   8 as the bonus stuff.

d. As the 5" CD with only 1-6 being the normal songs, without the
   bonus tracks entirely. This form is the result of lame record-store
   owners taking out the 3" to sell separately, leaving them with a 6
   track broken to sell separately. There never was a 6 track broken

 Now, _Broken_ is produced as the 1-6, 98-99 track CD and I imagine it will
 stay this way.

 If, on the other hand, you purchased _Broken_ on vinyl, that the EP itself
 (the six normal tracks) were on standard 12" vinyl, while the bonus tracks
 were a black label 7". Another form of the _Broken_ vinyl has tracks 1-6
 on side a and the bonus tracks on side b.

 The names of the bonus tracks are "Physical (You're so)", which was
 originally written and performed by Adam Ant, and "Suck", written by Reznor
 and Pigface.

C:2 "What does 'warning: not for use with mono devices'in the liner notes

 Well, according to Trent:

   "Regarding the warning for 'mono' devices... Without getting too far in
 detail, a scientific property of sound is its 'phase'.  When recording
 music in stereo, you're supposed to be aware of it's phase.  If not,
 certain parts of the sound will disappear when its played in mono.
    So, we discovered that by messing around with the phase, we could make
 elements of the music stand out rather oddly. So...certain songs on _Broken_
 we mixed out of phase (because we felt like it) BUT... The songs don't sound
 right on mono devices (like some radios or TVs). Has anyone heard "Happiness
 in Slavery" on the radio?  I heard it on KROQ in LA and the snare drum was
 gone through most of the song. (and yes, it kind of destroys the groove!)
 So, basically, that's what that means."

C:3 "What does "barks and roars: maise" mean in the credits of _Broken_?"

 Well, during the song "physical (you're so)", Trent's late dog, Maise,
 can be heard barking and "roaring" in the background.  The barks sound like
 roars because they were taping her at double speed, and it was played back
 at normal for the final track.  At 3:49 in the song, if you can somehow speed
 the recording up (by using a soundcard, adjustable speed CD player, etc.),
 you can hear something to the effect of "....ow!....fucker!...".  That
 was Maise biting none other than Sean Beavan, and his reaction afterwards.

C:4 "What does "no thanks: you know who you fucking are" mean in the credits?"

 This most likely refers to Steve Gottlieb and TVT records, for proving to be
 a less-than-wonderful record label for NIN.  You will also note the little
 quote that comes right after this, which says "the slave thinks he is
 released from bondage, only to find a stronger set of chains."  This probably
 is in reference to the TVT situation as well.  See the note in section A:9
 for more about Gottlieb.

C:5 "Are there any singles off of _Broken_?"

 No. There are promos for _Broken_, but no singles. _Fixed_ is the only
 _Broken_ follow-up CD, and it consists of remixes of _Broken_ songs. It
 was released as a single, yet is not considered to be one... for the
 following reasons... [see next section]

C:6 "Is _Fixed_ a limited edition? Why?"

 Sort of. The Domestic printing was limited originally.  Couple things,
 however:  A typical release of a "limited edition" of anything would be
 1000-2000 copies. For _Fixed_, it's heard that as many as 50,000 copies
 were released domestically. As of late, imports off Island/TVT have been
 proliferating the mainstream stores.

 There are a few theories as to why _Fixed_ is limited.  One holds that
 _Fixed_ was kept limited in order to not interfere with the MTV-inspired
 success of _Broken_, and will be re-issued in about a year as a non-limited.
 It is now around import-wise. Also, collectors LOVE limiteds.  Also, maybe
 they just thought it wouldn't sell well.  It was also just a "single".
 All singles have limited runs.

C:7 "What is the difference between the import and domestic _Fixed_?"

 Well, the import version CD is printed with a few more copyright notices,
 etc.. and the color used is a light bluish type paint. In contrast, the
 domestic version was printed with less copyright notices on the CD, and
 the "n" is a cool shiny blue.

C:8 "Who does the remixes on _Fixed_?"

 Coil remixes "Gave Up"; Jim G. Thirwell  remixed "Wish" into "Wish (remix)"
 and "Fist Fuck"; Trent Reznor, Chris Vrenna and Butch Vig remixed "Suck"
 and "Last" into "Throw This Away"; PK  remixed "Happiness in Slavery";
 Reznor, Vrenna and a slew of others mutilated "Happiness in Slavery"
 into "Screaming Slave"

C:9 "What is that 'I could feel that way too' from?"

 The quote (found half way through _Fixed_'s "Fist Fuck") "I could feel that
 way too ... I bet you will someday" is sampled from the musical Show Boat.
 Kathryn Grayson as Nolie Hawks and Ava Gardner as Julie LaVerne were the
 actresses, and this scene occurs about 28 minutes into the movie.

=======[ SECTION D - The Downward Spiral / March of the Pigs / Closer ]=======

D:1 "Why did it take so long?"

  In the words of Trent:

    "I tend to get bored when people start saying, `Where's the record
  already?' Hey, I'm not fucking off in there. It just takes a long time.
  Nirvana may be able to make a record in two weeks. That's great. We're
  not doing that. To me, every song means reinventing the whole process.
  There are no constants except maybe that I'll sing it. But are the rhythm
  tracks going to be played or sequenced? Are they going to be real, fake,
  machines, drums, sounds, car doors slamming? It's not a simple matter of
  yelling out chords to someone across the room and starting the tape
  machine. It's a different situation. I'm not saying that makes my record
  any better than theirs. It's just a different set of parameters."

D:2 "What singles are there off of _TDS_?"

 _The Downward Spiral_ has produced 4 singles to date. _Piggy_ and _Hurt_ were
 never released as their own singles, but they were serviced to radio. _March
 of the Pigs_ and _Closer to God_ (the title of the "Closer" single) were
 released commercially. These two singles have American and European releases
 with no major track differences, except the following subtle changes:

 Both European CDs come in 2-CD sets, with each CD sold separately,
 and the Euro _Closer_ has no halo number.

 "Big Man With a Gun" was included in the Euro release of _MOTP_.
 The cover art for disk one is red/pink like the American, but
 disk two has blue cover art.

 The Euro _Closer_ is similar to the American except for the cover art, in
 which the Euro cover has a larger, 'opened' millipede as opposed to the
 American's smaller, 'closed' millipede.

 Also is the follow up album, _Further Down the Spiral_. Check out
 section E for information

D:3 "What is trent whispering in 'Mr Self Destruct'?"

 According to Sean Beavan, Trent whispers "I am an exit" right after
 the words "You let me do this to you"

==========[ SECTION E - Further Down the Spiral ]=====================

E:1 "What is _Further Down the Spiral_?"

 It's the follow up album to _The Downward Spiral_, much like what _Fixed_
 was to _Broken_, this album consists of 11 remix tracks. The UK version
 has 10, and the Japanese, 11.  See section E:3.

E:2 "Where are those hidden 'erase me's?"

 If you listen to track eleven ("Erased, Over, Out") in fast forward, you
 will hear Trent screaming 'erase me' over and over. Also, on track 6
 ("Eraser (Denial; Realization)") he says it twice: once at the beginning,
 and then again once toward the end.

E:3 "What are the differences between Halo 10 and Halo 10v2?"

  Version 1 was the American release, while version 2 was the UK/Japan
 release. The UK version has 4 tracks different from the American:
 "heresy (version)", "ruiner (version)", "self destruction, part three" and
 "hurt (live)". The first two are remixes by Charlie Clouser; the latter
 is the live recording used in the video for the track by the same name.

  Another difference is production. The American version was packaged in
 a jewel, on a glossy disk. The UK version was packaged in a cardboard
 sleeve on a lower quality, low gloss CD. Apparently the Japanese version
 has the same track listing as v2 (and indeed has v2 on the disk) but has
 been released with a bonus track - "Reptilian" (just as _TDS_ in Japan
 has "Dead Souls" as a bonus track). The packaging is cardboard, same as the
 UK, but the disk is a better quality, glossy type.

E:4 "When was it released, and on what formats?"

  Halo 10 was officially released May 23, 1995 on all the standard formats:
 Vinyl, CD, and Cassette. However, most stores did not get it until a week

E:5 "What is that 'Falls wanking to the floor' from?"

 About 4:30 into "self destruction, part two" you hear David Bowie singing
 'Falls wanking to the floor'. This is a sample from the song "Time" off his
 1973 album _Aladdin Sane_.

===============[ SECTION F - "THE PERFECT DRUG" ]=====================

F:1 "What is 'The Perfect Drug'?"

 "The Perfect Drug"  first appeared on the radio in January of 1997,
 and was available commercially in February on the "Lost Highway"
 soundtrack.  In this quote from Raygun magazine, Trent gives some
 insight into the development of the song:

 "'The Perfect Drug' lyrically and thematically was inspired by the film, but
 musically the way it happened to come out...It was one of those: One week.
 Write a song. Mix it. Done. I don't like to work that way. But I reached the
 stage where i was excited about it, yet it wasn't necessarily appropriate
 for the movie. And at the end of the day I am nine inch nails and I have to
 do what's right for me. So I gave it to him and said, 'I don't know if this
 is the right thing for your film sonically, but this is the song I had to
 write now and I had to be true to myself.'"

F:2 "Why did I hear the song before it was officially released?"

 This is because of a leak of the song to KROQ in Los Angeles around the end
 of November 1996.  Someone obviously digitized the song right from the
 radio, and it made it's way all over the Internet.  From there, DJs from
 radio stations would download a copy of it, and then play it, claiming that
 they had an "exclusive" or "advance copy" of the song.  According to Jason
 Patterson, Trent was flattered that his fans wanted to hear the song right
 away, but feels that it "was not the right way to go about it."

 And if you are wondering what the whooshing sound is from at the beginning
 of the RealAudio file, it is the tail-end of "videodrones; questions" from
 the LH soundtrack.

F:3 "Are 'The Perfect Drug' and 'The Beauty of the Drug' the same song?"

 Nope.  "the beauty of the drug" was supposed to be a song on
 _The Downward Spiral_, but was cut out.  Some believed that Trent just
 rehashed that song when he made TPD, but this is not true.  See F:1 for more
 on how TPD developed.

F:4 "What is 'The Perfect Drug' Versions?"

 This is the remix EP of the song "The Perfect Drug" that can be found on the
 "Lost Highway" soundtrack.

 It carries the catalog number "halo eleven-INTDM 95007."

F:5 "Who remixed the tracks?"

 It contains 5 remixes of the original song, done by Meat Beat Manifesto,
 Plug, NIN, Spacetime Continuum, and The Orb, respectively.

 Here is what the credits say:

 "[1] Remix and additional production by Jack Dangers
  Engineered by Josh T. Roberts at Toast Studios, S.F.

  [2] Remix and additional production by Luke Vibert

  [3] Remixed by Trent Reznor and Keith Hillebrant
  Engineered/mixed by Brian Pollack at Nothing Studios, New Orleans

  [4] Recreated by Jonah Sharp

  [5] Remixed by The Orb   Engineered by Andy Hughes"

F:6 "Is the vinyl promo for Halo Eleven different than the commercial one?"

 Yes.  The 12" dj promo has all of the tracks on the CD, plus a remix done
 by Aphrodite.

==============[ SECTION G - The Fragile / TDTWWA / WITT]===============

G:1 "What's the differences between all The Fragile's?"

 There are differences in the all the formats that "The Fragile"
 was released in:

 a: CD  -2 Disc set

 b: Tape  -2 Tape set, same songs as CD, with addition of
         (+ appendage) to the end of song "Please"

 c: Vinyl -3 Record Set
          Full versions of all songs (no bridges between songs)
          The song "Ripe" is minus the  (with decay) part
          2 Extra songs!!!
                10 Miles High
                The New Flesh

 According to a recent post by Trent on the nin.com bulletin board
 He explains the different formats.  Here is his post:

 "Hello everybody. I've been doing a lot of European press lately
 and they've been mentioning the various configurations of 'the fragile'
 and wondering if there was a reason (other than to make the hard-core
 fan buy them all) to have some different tracks on them. If you're
 curious, here's why. We agonised over the sequencing of the record and
 focused solely on the CD config. as the definitive one. After the
 decision was made to move to two CDs the problem then became removing
 tracks to get the right feel and flow. Taking the new flesh' off the
 CD was a tough call because Alan and myself really like the track, but
 it destroyed the balance and it just didn't fit. When we assembled the
 cassette, we now had four beginnings and endings to contend with instead
 of two of each (for the CD) follow? It worked out pretty well just
 dividing the songs up, but we wanted the A sides of the cassettes to be
 slightly longer than the B sides (so that when the tape flips over you
 are not in the middle of the first song on that side). We added the
 'appendage' to 'please' to make that work. For the vinyl, the decision
 to move to three discs was based on fidelity. (you can only fit so many
 minutes on a side of vinyl before it degrades the sound) So now we are
 faced with SIX beginnings and endings. Simply splitting the sides up
 didn't work as well this time so we decided to include the other two
 tracks we had been considering ('10 miles high' and 'the new flesh')
 as well as use the full unedited versions of all the other songs on the
 record. The vinyl sequencing has actually grown on me lately as a viable
 alternate! -just thought you might want to know... "

G:2 "What singles are off "The Fragile"?"

 The Fragile has produced 2 singles so far.  The first single which was
 released commercially is "The Day the World Went Away".  The second single
 which was only released to radio stations is "We're in this Together"
 There was also a video made for this song.

G:3 "What is that flower on the cover of the TDTWWA single?"

 The flower is called a "Kangaroo-Paw" and is native to Australia.
 It blooms between August and October, colors are vivid red and blues,
 and is odorless.  The flower is comonly used by the Aboriginal natives
 of Australia as a tension reliever.

==========[ SECTION H - THE IMPORTS (bootlegs) ]====================

H:1 "Was there a Halo 00?"

 No, this is a bootleg. And it's not worth the price when you can get
 one of the 2 tracks on WaxTrax! _The Black Box_
 (Trent/Al Jourgenson's cover of Black Sabbath's classic "Supernaut")
 (See section I:2 for info on where else to get these songs)

H:2 "What is this plain-looking CD that claims to be Halo 10?"

 You probably have the promo CD for either "Piggy" or "Hurt". These were
 two promos that were put out with halo numbers on them.

H:3 "Why is it getting so hard to find the domestic _Closer_?"

 Well, they are out of production in America. You can still get the imported,
 double CD set fairly easily though.

H:4 "What are the Fisted Box Set and the FDTS Box Set?"

  The Fisted Box Set is just a cheaply made bootleg. It has a cheap T-shirt,
 some cheaper buttons, and some still in-print CD singles. Everyone who has
 bought it, even the most die-hard nin collector, has said it's a major waste
 of money.  This also can be said for the FDTS box set, an overpriced tin can
 which contains Halo 10v2 and 3 cheaply made buttons (n,i,n).

=============[ SECTION I - NINE INCH NAILS VIDEOS ]====================

I:1 "Ninformation about each officially released video"

 "Down In It"
    Down in It, Trent and Co.'s first video, for some reason is never
    shown on MTV in its original form. See, in the original video, Trent
    falls off the building he is walking on, and is shown dead, apparently
    for a few days. Anyway, this video somehow got into the hands of the
    FBI, who spent a few weeks looking for the makers of this 'SNUFF FILM'
    as it was thought to be when it was found. Ironically enough, Trent
    (the dead guy) was also in hiding, recording _Broken_ under false band
    names so TVT wouldn't know what he was doing. The censored version is
    pretty much the same thing, with the scenes of 'dead trent' taken out.
    The whole episode with the FBI was followed up by a Hard Copy episode
    that aired March 5, 1991.

 "Head Like a Hole"
    A 'live' video in which the band is in a cage-like stage. Toward the end
    the band is overtaken by the surroundings, resulting in an upside-down
    suspended Trent. This video was released in 2 versions: one being the
    standard, and one being the Flood remix.

     DATE RELEASED : Feb. 1992
          DIRECTOR : Peter Christopherson
    Pinion is what Alternative Nation ripped off. It basically starts off
    with a toilet being flushed, then you follow the flushed water down the
    plumbing until it gets to the mouth of a bound man being tortured.

     DATE RELEASED : Feb. 1992
          DIRECTOR : Peter Christopherson
    Wish is another 'live' video, this one is in an elaborate caged-in
    'stage' in which the audience is trying to get to the band through the
    cage. At the end of the un-edited version, they finally break through
    and get Trent.

 "Happiness in Slavery"
     DATE RELEASED : 1992
          DIRECTOR : Jonathan Reiss
    This video has never been seen on MTV for very obvious reasons. The video
    contains a man (Bob Flanagan--READ: Section H:3) being tortured to death
    by his own free will. At the end, Trent comes in for his turn. It is a
    must see video, shot all in black and white.

 "March of the Pigs"
     DATE RELEASED : March 1994
          DIRECTOR : Peter Christopherson / Trent Reznor
    March of the Pigs was a very low budget, thrown together live performance
    of the track. Very good video.

     DATE RELEASED : June 1994
          DIRECTOR : Mark Romanek
    Closer was nine inch nails' 'breakthrough' video. Much of it was filmed
    on old 1920s' file Trent acquired. It was put out in 2 versions: MTV's
    censored one with 'scene missing' in place of some of the more explicit
    shots, and the uncensored version.

     DATE RELEASED : August 24, 1994
          DIRECTOR : Hank Corwin / Trent Reznor
    Burn is a video for the soundtrack of 'Natural Born Killers'.  The video
    contains many scenes from the movie, and Trent singing in a white
    tee-shirt and jeans.

    (see section A:17 for more info)

     DATE RELEASED : March 1995
          DIRECTOR : Simon Maxwell
    Hurt is a live video from the 94-95 tour, shot in Omaha/Dallas
    (See Section H:4). The backdrop contains footage of rapidly decaying
    animals, predators, and old World War ][ footage.

 "The Perfect Drug"
     DATE RELEASED : January 18, 1997
          DIRECTOR : Mark Romanek
    This newest video boasts Trent with a goatee, and many visuals that appear
    to be taken straight from the artwork of Edward Gorey.  Check out
    http://www.geocities.com/BourbonStreet/3674/gorey.html for a good look
    at the parallels between Gorey and TPD.  Mr. Reznor is also pictured
    preparing and drinking absinthe, a very potent and illegal alcoholic
    beverage.  And those three guys?  It's Charlie, Danny, and Chris.

    DATE RELEASED : November 25, 1997
        DIRECTOR: Brett Turnbull
    Sin has been rumored to exist for a long time now, and finally it was
    released on _Closure_.  The video itself seems to be set to the short
    version of "Sin".  It depicts Trent with short hair spinning in a Gyroscope.
    There are also a few strange seens of a naked woman at the beginning
    and a man with a wig on dancing with a rope.

"Help Me I am In Hell"
    DATE RELEASED : November 25, 1997
          DIRECTOR : Eric Goode & Serge Becker
    This video was released on the _Closure_ video.  It depicts a man in a
    padded cube room sitting in front of a table completely covered by flies.
    He silently cuts his meat and eats it.  He continues to eat giving no
    acknowledgement to the flies on his food as well as him.

"Gave Up"
    DATE RELEASED : November 25, 1997
          DIRECTOR : Jon Reiss
    This is an entirely different video than the one for it on the Broken video.
    This video has Nine Inch Nails playing in Le Pig Studios (the Sharon
    Tate house).  Marilyn Manson pretends to play guitar and even sings
    backup vocals.  In it can be seen their  whole mixing setup, as well as
    past band members including Richard Patrick and Chris Vrenna.  At
    the end of the video there is a nice shot of the house. From the
    _Closure_ video.

"Wish (live)"
    DATE RELEASED : November 25, 1997
         DIRECTOR : Simon Maxwell
    This is a live performace of Wish, a spectacular, perfectly-coordinated
    light show.  From the _Closure_ video.

"We're In This Together"
    DATE RELEASED : September 15, 1999
         DIRECTOR : Mark Pellington
    This is the first video from "The Fragile"  It was shot in Guadalajara
    Jalisco, Mexico.  The video was shot in black and white and is very
    dark.  It features hundreds of people dressed in black running as a
    mass.  The video focuses on Trent running with and through this mass
    of people.

 A long-form video of _Broken_ was made by Trent and Peter Christopherson.
 See section I:2.

I:2 "The Broken Movie, Oh My God"

 Yes, that is the common first reaction to this film. Trent Reznor made
 this with  "Sleazy" Peter Christopherson (Of Throbbing Gristle fame) for
 the _Broken_ EP. The film shows a kidnapped man being forced to watch
 nine inch nails videos while being  graphically tortured and killed by a
 masked madman.

 Why was it never officially released? According to Trent, he didn't want
 the press on his ass trying to get him to explain it. Plain and simple.

 And NO, it is not real. It was filmed to look like a snuff film, which
 apparently worked very well considering how many people have asked if
 it was real or not. Score one more for Peter!

I:3 "How much of "Happiness in Slavery" is real?"

 The late Bob Flanagan was a rather famous S&M performance artist. He had
 done stuff much worse than that shown on "HiS". In fact, pretty much the
 only thing that was fake on the video was when he was actually killed.
 Note: Bob Flanagan recently succumbed to Cystic Fibrosis, the disease from
 which he suffered since childhood. He was a great man who contributed a lot
 to Cystic Fibrosis research. Read about him in the book
 'RE/SEARCH:Bob Flanagan'

 Yes: That penis/nipple pulling/testicle clamping is all real.

I:4 "What was the original video for "March of the Pigs" like?"

 According to a cameraman who works on NIN videos:

 " ... I'm not talking about the video where it's just one shot, one take,
 live recording in the 'white' room video, I worked on the one by Peter
 Christopherson .... You'll have to excuse me because it was a real real
 long time ago since I worked on it ... We shot it in two days around the
 end of January 1994. The thing was, I don't think we shot everything we
 were supposed to ... you see, there was supposed to be a third day of
 production ... never happened! What we did shoot was stuff with the
 entire band (not just Trent) in various 'dark' situations. Essentially
 trashing instruments and other items along the way. We did a lot of
 'dutch' angles, a lot of fast-paced stuff ... all in all, to me, it
 seemed like an angry, aggressive, Evil Dead II meets Hellraiser mini-
 movie ... a lot of hanging chains and always a watered-down set ...
 but, I don't know if it was ever cut together, or if it is in somebody's
 closet somewhere..."

I:5 "Where was the video for "Hurt" recorded?"

 The video for "Hurt" was recorded before the show in Omaha, Nebraska on
 February 13, 1995 and Dallas, Texas on February 11, 1995. Some concert-goers
 were let in a half hour or so sooner to be the audience. Apparently the
 reason for this is to keep the audience noise to a minimal level, especially
 considering that in concert "Happiness in Slavery" and "Eraser" are before
 "Hurt", and this makes for one wild/loud crowd. Why is he wet in the video?
 He probably doused himself with water.

I:6 "Why wasn't there ever a video for "Piggy"?"

According to Trent:

   "We tried to make a video for Piggy, but all the directors I talked to
    ...their ideas just *sucked*"

I:7 "What is Closure?"

  _Closure_ is a two-video tape box set that is divided into two sections:

 Tape 1: a live tape produced by Jonathan Rach
 Tape 2: a compilation tape of NIN videos

 directed by: Jonathan Rach
 concept: Trent Reznor
 executive producer: John A. Malm, Jr. Nothing Records, Inc.
 additional footage directed by: Jeff Richter
 director of photography: Jonathan Rach
 supervising editor: Jeff Richter
 editors: Will Godby, Chris Osterhus, Jonathan Rach, Scott Richter,
          David Sketchley
 editorial assistants: Michael Bouchet, Brian Boyd, Tracey Browne, Frank Lagnese
 production manager: D'arcy Mastrangelo

 Nine Inch Nails:
 Charlie Clouser
 Robin Finck
 Danny Lohner
 Trent Reznor
 Chris Vrenna
 James Wooley

 Thanks to Nine Inch Nails Special Guests:
 Die Krupps, Fem2Fem, Hole, Marilyn Manson, Melvins, Pig, Pop Will Eat Itself,
 Prick, The Jime Rose Circus, Treponemal Pal, Type O Negative

I:8 "What is on Tape 1 (live performances)?":

 terrible lie
 down in it
 the downward spiral
 all the pigs, all lines up
 the only time
 hurt (with David Bowie)
 something i can never have

 included between songs is backstage and behind the scenes footage including:
 concertgoers, manson, trent's dog, concert prep, discussion of delaying a show,
 sound tests, shaving Robin Finck's head, getting food, the jim rose circus,
 woodstock '94, trashing sets, a fan - the crowd - more anarchy, fighting,
 sightseeing, and final shots.

I:9 "What is on Tape 2 (compilation of videos)"?

 head like a hole
 down in it
 help me i am in hell
 happiness in slavery
 gave up
 march of the pigs
 eraser (live)
 hurt (live)
 wish (live)
 the perfect drug

also includes random scenes inbetween videos.  most look like they are really
old medical and scientific film documentations.

==========[ SECTION J - THE IMPORTS (bootlegs) ]====================

 J:1 "What is an import (bootleg)?"

 On average, an import (bootleg) is an album pressed (CD/LP) in a foreign
 country (Italy, Germany and England are common imports) to get around the
 copyright laws. I don't know exactly why they can get away with it, but
 imports often have copyrighted material (be it a live show, rare recorded
 songs, and sometimes full length recorded albums). Bootlegs range in quality
 from soundboard (when the soundman lets the bootlegger record directly off
 the soundboard to make an excellent sounding recording) to low quality
 crowd recordings (some guy in the audience with a cassette recorder). Some
 bootlegs are excellent and make great additions to your nin collection.
 Some are total rip-offs, which brings us to the next topic...

J:2 "What imports are worth buying?"

 There are 2 main imports that are well worth buying if you are big into NIN:
 _Purest Feeling_ and _Demos and Remixes_.  Another would be _Children of the
 Night_, if you like live recordings.

  _Purest Feeling_ is a full length album of demos for _Pretty Hate Machine_
 recorded by Trent. It is unknown how these demos got out, but they make a
 great addition to any collection. PF also contains 2 unreleased tracks:
 "Maybe Just Once" and "Purest Feeling". Some people hate these songs, some
 love them. You decide. Another thing about PF is it has the original lyrics
 to "Ringfinger". (see section B:1 for more info)

  _Demos and Remixes_ is another compilation of rare/unreleased tracks.
  These include the original "Supernaut" (Trent's unaltered vox) and
  "Suck" live (which cover the infamous Halo 00 (see section G:1)), and
  "Twist", the original "Ringfinger".  Also on this disc is the Go-Go Mix
  of "Head Like a Hole" (referred to as the Opal Mix on the UK HLaH single),
  and -- you guessed it -- demos and remixes of PHM songs.
  A good quality import.

  _Children of the Night_ is a soundboard-quality recording that is from the
  Bowie/NIN tour.  I'm not exactly sure of which date it is from, but the
  sound quality is phenomenal.  Definitely one to look for.

  Two other decent imports that come to mind are Rusty Nails 1 and 2 (Non-Stop
  mega mixes of NIN songs, worth the price of a used import maybe).

  As far as the live stuff is concerned, there are so many out there that
  there is no room to list it all here. Definitely check out the Import
  page (See section J:4) before you buy any live recordings so you don't get
  screwed into buying a shitty sounding CD.

J:3 "Which imports should I stay away from?"

  The main imports to avoid are crappy sounding live shows. Always check
 the import page (See section J:4) before buying any live recordings. Other
 imports to steer clear of are Purest Feeling ][, Halo 00, and Slaves (to
 name the first 3 to come to mind).

J:4 "Where can I go for more information about bootlegs?"

 The place to go for bootleg reviews, track listings, dates, and even
 order numbers is http://www.smashedupsanity.com/reviews/bootlegs.html

 For a complete (almost) listing of NIN bootlegs, check out:

==========[ SECTION K - THE NINTERNET ]==========================

K:1 "What is the 'ninternet'?"

 The ninternet is what us ninnies [read: fans of nine inch nails] call our
 section of the internet. Many people have contributed many fine FTP and
 WWW sites to the ninternet, and we are not saying those listed are any
 better than others, but due to space limitations, we will only be
 listing the larger sites for now. In the future we may be able to list all
 the known WWW/FTP/IRC sites.

 --Hypertext version of FAQ--
          http://www.ninfaq.com   (coming soon)

 --French Version of FAQ--

 --Japanese Version of FAQ--

 --UnOfficial NIN Homepage--

 --Complete NIN Discography--

 --NIN tour date listing--

 --Links to other NIN pages on the web--

 --NIN and a.m.nin info--

 --Bootleg review page--

 --NIN sheet music & tablature--

 --NIN web rings--

 --Trent Reznor fetish newsgroup--

 --Hope and Vaseline--

 --Nine Inch Nails News

 --NIN Usenet Groups--

 --NIN IRC channels--
          #amnin on EFnet  (try server irc.ionet.net to start)
          #nin on EFnet
          #nin on Undernet (try server chicago.il.us.undernet.org)

And someday soon (we hope), the official nothing records site will go up.
To see a big "nothing" logo, go to:


 --Official Nine Inch Nails Site--

K:2 "Are the members of the band online?"

 The band is quite active now on the message boards in the official
 NIN site at http://www.nin.com
 There have been quite a few posts now from Trent himself.

K:3 "Is 'Reznor's Edge' really Trent's homepage?"

 No, it is not.  And even though magazines like Kerrang! and Circus have
 reported otherwise, don't believe them.  It's just a parody page, so if you
 see it, you can do one of two things: have a good laugh or get pissed that
 it is what it is.  It's your call.
 Currently there is nothing left of Reznor's Edge at
 http://www.reznorsedge.com/ except for a link to http://www.nin.com

K:4 "Where can I find out more information about alt.music.nin?"

 To keep up on what's going down on one of the craziest newsgroups on Usenet,
 check out the www.amnin.com, maintained by Jody Match.  It describes the
 rules that its subscribers (try to) adhere to, gives listings of what certain
 tags on posts mean, and deals with many other aspects of the group.  Check it
 out at:


 If you are new to alt.music.nin please read the alt.music.nin newbie pack,
 maintained by bartley harrison, which can be found at:


K:5 "What is Nincon?"

 Nincon is the annual gathering of members of the alt.music.nin and irc
 channel #amnin community.  It is a great opportunity for those who normally
 only communicate with each other by the computer to actually meet one
 another.  Lots of fun activities are planned out each year, including
 clubbing, shopping, and a big dinner/dance party at the end of the weekend.
 If you are interested in attending this event, head yourself over to:


==========[ SECTION Z - THE NINFAQ'S FAQ ]========================

Z:1 "Who wrote the FAQ?"

   The NINFAQ began back in 1994. It was written to cut down on the seriously
 large amounts of basic questions relating to NIN that were being asked on
 alt.music.nin. The first NINFAQ was the result of the efforts of dozens of
 devoted ninnies who put a lot of work into researching the facts, asking the
 questions, and getting the answers. It can not be said that the ninfaq is the
 sole result of one person, even though I have been the author for these past
 5 years, that just means I have been re-writing, formatting, and putting the
 information into the FAQ. At least %50 of all the work for the ninfaq has been
 done by thoes countless others who have helped out along the way.  An extra
 bit of thanks goes out to David "Parm" Parmeter who kept up the ninfaq from

   In addition, there have been numerous others who have assisted directly with
 the ninfaq.  They were..
             Eric Gilling  : 1996-1997 : Wrote the first official HTML version
                                         of the ninfaq
             Gina Grano  : 1994-1996 :  Spell checker for the first few versions
             David Parmeter  : 1997-1998 : Previous Author, and keeper of the

       Present authors:
             Eric G. Freitag  : 1998-Present : Author. Email him with any
                          questions about the context of the NINFAQ.

          Christopher Sobczak : 1994-Present : Back to just taking care of
                                    adminstrative/research work.

Z:2 "What's all this 'official source of unofficial information' stuff?"

 A while back, Sean and Chris came to the conclusion that it would be much
 better to stay independent so that the maintainers of the faq wouldn't have
 to answer to anyone. So anyway, nothing records, formula and  the band members
 do contribute information to the faq, but it is not an  official product of
 nine inch nails. It is, as Sean put it, 'the official source of un-official
 information about nine inch nails' and that is just how it will stay. The
 authors are in no way affiliated with Nothing records other than we are always
 bugging them for information.

Z:3 "Where can I get the newest version of the FAQ?"

 Here is a distribution list.

The best place to get the ninfaq
                   http://www.ninfaq.com  (coming soon)
   alt.music.nin : Posted about once a week (or when I remember to) under
                 the heading:
                   "*** NINFAQ v#.# ***" or something to that effect.

 The FAQ is posted to the following bases once a month:
   alt.answers / rec.answers / news.answers / rec.music.industrial

Z:4 "What's new with this FAQ?"

  Went over the whole thing, cleaned up a lot. Updated quite a few little
  things here and there, especially old links. Took out a lot of extra
  stuff that was not necessary. We really tried to minimize the FAQ for now,
  to get it back to a more manageable level. Please e-mail me with any
  suggestions, comments, info, or anything at all about the ninfaq.

Z:5 "The NINFAQ in other languages."

  There is now a French translation of the ninfaq (version 6.604). It is
  located at http://www.mygale.org/03/ninjaw/ninfaq_f.txt

  Japanese Translation of the ninfaq

Z:7 "Who helped out?"

  Less than half of the information in this FAQ has been aquired by the authors
 alone. Everything else has been contributed by the users of the newsgroup
 Alt.Music.NIN, and now the users of the EFnet IRC channel #AMNIN. There is no
 way this FAQ would have ever been possiable if not for the efforts of everyone
 who has ever contributed.  I can not stress enough just how much the people in
 this list have contributed to the NINFAQ. Right now it is just a list of names,
 but we hope to figure out some way to thank each and everyone of you.

First and foremost: David Parmenter

INCOMPLETE CREDITS: The following list is in alphabetical order

 Adam Adalman, Lily Anderson, Michael Ardill, Sean Beavan, Adam Bender,
 Brian Berkovitz, Robert Berry, Jackie Berry, Melissa A. Boysen, Christine
 Bomke, Jeremy C. Bunag, Sean R. Carmack, Laurent Caron, Donna L. Cross, Maura
 Daffern, Nathan Dewitt, Ennui, Andy Fitzgerald, Alex Fletcher,  Eric Freitag,
 Formula PR, Sean Galbraith, Gnat, Matt Gramc, Gina Grano, Jason  Haas, Natira
 Hammerstrom, Amy Hanauer, Brian R Hough Jr, Mike Katzberg, Keaven Keating,
 Jeremy Kennedy, Scott Kenney, C-ko Linde, Kenneth Little, Lisa Livingston,
 LOgre2'3,  Madeleine, Jody Match, William McLachlan, Taylor McLaren, Mippy,
 Kyle Moyer, Robin C. Moore, Steph Nahas, Ed Paquette, David Parmenter,
 Jason Patterson, Hope Raudive, Alex Reed, Trent Reznor, Buck Satan, Gabe Shaw,
 Ben Simko, SiGHeR, Matt Snoddy, Christopher Sobczak, Jim Stark, Mark Thornton,
 Kathleen Tibbetts, Damin J. Toell, Tool, The Ur-Vile, Raphael Veit, Chris Vrenna,
 Chris Wiberg, Dennis Windsor and Kristian Zoerhoff


Z:8  "Legal bullshit"


     The Nine Inch Nails Frequently Asked Questions file is Copyright 1999
  by Christopher Sobczak , (C) 1994 Christopher Sobczak . This FAQ, or parts
  thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.

     It is very easy to get the author's permission to use this FAQ. All
  you have to do is e-mail me at the above address (section Z:1). That's all
  there is to it. The only reason I require that you get in contact with me
  is for my personal records as to who has used this FAQ.

     Please pay attention to this rule. It doesn't require much effort, and
  it is the law (international copyright laws) that you get the author's
  permission BEFORE using any copywritten (this faq) material.

     The FAQ loosely follows a standard FAQ format.  Any similarities to
  any other Frequently Asked Questions file is purely coincidental. There
  are other nine inch nails FAQs in circulation and they are in NO WAY
  related to this FAQ.

     All bands listed in this FAQ are trademarked/copyrighted/owned by their
  specific labels/artist. All videos/films are owned/copyrighted by their
  specific film companies.

                  COPYRIGHT 1999, Christopher Sobczak
                        (C) 1994, Christopher Sobczak

                     Dedicated to William S. Burroughs

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